2014 Garden Map

School Gardens are sprouting up all over Ontario and we want to get those programs on our map! Contact us about adding your school garden to the map and share your success stories, or join our mailing list to stay up to date with IGES’ school garden news and events!

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  • Architecture Community Garden

    The University of Waterloo School of Architecture Community Garden was started in 2007.

  • Cawthra Park Edible Garden

    The Cawthra Park Edible Garden was started in 2013.

  • Cedarwood Public School

    Over 60 students planted flowers and vegetables for School Garden Day 2014.

  • Conestoga Acres

    Conestoga Acres was started by Conestoga College in 2011.

  • Dallington Public School

    Dallington Pollinators Community Garden, adjacent to the Dallington Public School, broke ground on the 20th of August, 2013. The transformation took place with the help of the amazing City Parks & Rec staff, Evergreen Brickworks staff, garden members and volunteers. Even children playing on the playscape couldn’t resist joining in the endeavour. We are very excited as it is the first community garden in a public park in Ward 33. We soon hope to see the ‘seed’ garden pollinate other “grassed over” parks in the neighbourhood.
    The garden is designed with three major components:
    1)      Communal garden
    2)      Children’s garden
    3)      Pollinator’s garden
    The garden will add not only an interest element in the park but also help address an important issue, that of food security. It will help children and adults alike to understand food systems, planting cycles and sustainable gardening techniques. The harvest from the garden will introduce garden members to healthy eating and to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network

    The Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network grows a series of demonstration gardens on the University of Toronto campus, including one in front of Hart House, Sidney Smith, and the Students’ Union Building. www.campusagriculture.ca

  • Discovery Public School

    School Veregable Garden

  • Discovery Public School Vegetable Garden

  • E. L. Crossley Teaching Arboretum & Orchard

    E. L. Crossley in Fonthill started their teaching arboretum and orchard project in 2009.

  • Elmbank Children’s Garden

    Elmbank Children’s Garden was started in 2009 by eager staff, students, and PACT Grow To Learn.

  • Elmwood School Garden and Catering Program

    The project was initiated by the school principal so students could eat fresh, locally grown food that was made from scratch. Candice Butler was hired 4 years ago and her friend Ian Walker initiated the garden in August 2012. Program costs have dropped since Candice started purchasing local food and using garden produce!

  • Emery Collegiate Institute Garden

    Emery CI Garden was started in 2010 by PACT Grow To Learn.

  • Errol Road Public School Food Garden

    Errol Road Public School in Sarnia, ON will be using vermicomposting in the classroom, and to create a food garden on their yard. They also have a local organization called  “One Tomato,” which runs a program called “Food Works” that targets grade 7 & 8 students to teach them how to cook with whole foods, use recipes, and enjoy health yummy stuff. Students at their school will be using vermicompost to amend the soil in their garden, where they will grow the food that they will harvest for their recipes.

  • Five Mile Public School

    For School Garden Day 2014, students planted a Salsa Garden (tomatoes, onions, peppers, corn, cilantro), a Harvest Soup Garden (potatoes, carrots, onions, squash, beans, peas, tomatoes), and an Herb Garden.

  • Gabrielle-Roy School Garden

    Gabrielle-Roy is an elementary school in the French school board ViaMonde that is conveniently close to the Allan Gardens Children’s Conservatory. The school has 200 Francophone kindergarten to Grade 6 students. Green Thumbs came to the school to run worm-composting workshops in 2008, and in 2009 the parent council gave the go-ahead for the construction of a small food garden. In 2010 we expanded the garden by adding three new earthblock beds. During the summer, we work with the on-site daycare, Garderie La Farandole, to continue to care for the garden.

  • Garden of the Valley

    The Garden of the Valley is a large public community garden facilitated by Ecosource, located in the Mississauga Valley municipal park in Mississauga. The garden contains member plots where local families grow their own food, as well as a teaching/demonstration space where students from neighbourhood schools (such as Mississauga Valley Sr. Public School) visit on walking field trips to learn about organic gardening, biodiversity, and food security. Food grown in the demonstration plots is shared with volunteers and donated to local food banks and shelters. To learn more, please visit www.ecosource.ca

  • Generation Garden at Parkway Green

    The Generation Garden at Parkway Green is a large public community garden facilitated by Ecosource, located in the Parkway Green municipal park in Mississauga. The garden space is a bit unique–an old and under utilized baseball diamond was replaced with a large community food growing space! The garden contains member plots where local families grow their own food, as well as a community orchard of pears and apple trees, and a teaching/demonstration space that students use to learn about organic gardening, biodiversity, and food security. The garden is located in a shared park between two elementary schools who partner with Ecosource to support and use the teaching space in the garden–St. Charles Garnier Elementary School and École Élémentaire Catholique René-Lamoureux. Education in the garden is offered in both English and French to accommodate the needs of the surrounding school community. Food grown in the demonstration plots is shared with volunteers and donated to local food banks and shelters. To learn more, please visit www.ecosource.ca.

  • GreenUP Ecology Park

    GreenUP Ecology Park serves both the separate schools with Peterborough Victoria Northumberland County School Board and public schools with Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. They offer food garden programs at their location in Peterborough at 1899 Ashburnham Road–a 5 acre park featuring educational demonstration gardens, native and edible tree nursery, and woodland trails. Their programs run May through October and focus primarily on grades JK to grade 5, with over 1000 youth visiting each season!

    Food garden programs at GreenUP Ecology Park focus on growing heritage varieties to offset genetic erosion, and teach seed saving techniques. They also grow edible trees, shrubs, and are currently developing new programming called “Pollen Power!” focusing on the connections between native pollinators and the importance of our local food system. They expanded their garden to twice its size in fall 2013 to make bigger plans for spring! Find out more in this article from the Peterborough Examiner.

  • GROW Project

    GROW Project is a grade five project that introduces ideas about art, gardening and environmental initiatives through a series of classroom and garden events. Five schools participate in this project: Rideau Public School, First Avenue Public School, JG Simcoe Public School, Rideau Heights Public School, and Winston Churchill Public School.

  • Hillside Elementary School Gardens

    The Green Thumb Gardeners at Hillside Elementary School, Kettle and Stony Point First Nation have several gardens including two outdoor teaching-learning amphitheatre areas and five new raised garden beds, as well as several other garden areas.

  • Hillside Park Community Garden

    The Hillside Park Community Garden is a public community garden facilitated by Ecosource, located in Hillside Pak in Mississauga. The garden is home to member plots where families grow their own food, as well as habitat and food bank plots where volunteers and students learn and grow together. The garden learning space is used by many local students and teachers from adjacent Hillside Park Senior Public School (which shares the park and partners to provide water for the garden) and Elmcrest Public School, where the school garden club adopts plots in the community learning space for the season. Food grown in the garden is donated to local food banks, including the Compass and the Eden Community Food Bank. To learn more, visit www.ecosource.ca

  • Humewood Community School Learning & Vegetable Garden

    The Humewood Community School Learning and Vegetable Garden was started in 2010.

  • Iceland Teaching Garden

    The Iceland Teaching Garden is a large urban agriculture teaching garden facilitated by Ecosource, located in the Iceland Sportszone Complex in Mississauga. The garden is home to market-garden style organic vegetable production for the Eden Community Food Bank.  The garden hosts school field trips for students and teachers from across the Region of Peel from grades 1 – 12 who visit the garden to learn about  food security, organic food production, and biodiveristy. The garden is a feature site of Ecosource’s Mississauga Sustainable Urban Agriculture Project, a collaboration with the Eden Community Food Bank, the University of Toronto Mississauga, and the City of Mississauga. The gardens is used by post-secondary students as a space to put theory into practice in a living/learning lab, and has also been a key project in partnership with the Humanitarian Environmental Leadership Program at Archbishop Romero Catholic Secondary Alternative School in Mississauga. To learn more, visit www.ecosource.ca

  • John Polanyi Garden

    John Polanyi CI Garden was started in 2011 by PACT Grow To Learn. It is one of the largest school gardens in Toronto and is adjacent to the North York Harvest Food Bank.

  • Kimberly Public School Food Garden

    The Kimberly PS school food garden was started in 2012.

  • Lady Evelyn Alternative Schoolyard Greening

    Lady Evelyn Alternative School began their project in 2013.

  • Lakeshore Collegiate Garden

    Lakeshore CI Garden was started in 2009 by PACT Grow To Learn.

  • Learning Circle

    The Learning Circle has been growing for over eight years.

  • Malton Community Garden

    The Malton Community Garden is a public community garden facilitated by Ecosource, located in Elmcreek Park at the Malton Community Centre in Mississauga. Raised beds in the garden were constructed by students at Lincoln Alexander SS, a secondary school located across the street from the garden. The garden contains member plots where local families grow their own food, as well as a large community learning space where local students visit on walking field trips (Lancaster PS, Lincoln SS, Dunrankin Early Years etc) to learn about organic gardening, biodiversity, and food security. Food grown in the demonstration plots is shared with volunteers and donated to local food banks and shelters. To learn more, please visit www.ecosource.ca

  • Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School

    Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough has a vegetable garden with four beds, a shed, and beautiful fence, built by their construction technology class. The vegetables are grown from seeds indoors, in their environmnetal chamber, as part of the environmental science class. The plants are maintained by students in the Spring and by senior citizens, from the neighbouring community centre – L’Amoreaux Community Centre during the summer months.

  • Mason Road PS Garden

    Mason Road PS Garden was started in 2012.

  • Mission In-vegetable!

    Mission In-vegetable was started in 2012.

  • Monsignor O’Donoghue Gardens

    In 2009 Monsignor O’Donoghue School started two gardens: the Butterfly Garden and the Peace and Prayer Garden.

  • Nellie McClung PS

    Planter boxes, flowers and classroom projects

  • Nurture Nature Playscape at L’École King George Public School

    The Nurture Nature Playscape was started by L’École King George Public School in 2013.

  • Ormiston Public School Learning Garden

    This Learning Garden was started by Ormiston Public School in 2009.

  • Outdoor Education Center

    The Outdoor Education Center has a vegetable garden and serves the Bluewater District School Board.

  • Pine Grove Public School

  • Primrose School Children’s Garden

    The Primrose School Children’s Garden was started in 2006.

  • Prince of Wales Garden Club

    The Prince of Wales Garden Club was started in 2011.

  • Queen Victoria Public School

    Queen Victoria Public School built their garden just in time for School Garden Day 2014! Students planted beans and peas.

  • R. H. McGregor Heritage Garden

    R. H. McGregor Elementary School started their Heritage Garden in 2005.

  • Research Plot – Edible Forest Garden

    Paul is a Masters Student at Guelph whose research focuses on Edible Forest Gardening www.wearemanyrivers.ca

    It’s contained within the Centre for Urban Organic Garden Farming which is a 2.5 acre market garden. Please let us know if you want to contact Paul.

  • Rose Avenue Public School

    Rose Avenue Public School is located in the St. James Town community of high-rise apartment buildings. The school serves a student population of over 700 students from kindergarten through Grade 6. More than 85% of the students have English as their second language, representing about 50 language groups. Most of the families of this school recently arrived from other countries–many from Sri Lanka, and an increasing number from Eastern European, Asian, and African countries. The school is one of the TDSB EcoSchools, and as such has been developing an environmentally sustainable set of practices, into which gardening and composting fit quite well.

    Green Thumbs partners with Rose Ave. PS to animate and provide summer care for the gardens. Garden development began in earnest in Spring 2007, with a design for a children’s garden in the part-sun location at the northwest corner of the property. Food production was expanded in 2010 with the building of three Earthblock beds by students and youth in the sunnier east side of the school, and in 2013 these beds were moved to an even sunnier spot on the south side of the playground.

  • Runnymede Public School Food Garden

    There is a small food garden and a large naturalized garden at this site.

  • School Grown RoofTop Education Centre

    On Thursday, October 17th, the 16,000 square foot rooftop area at Eastdale CI was alive with music and gourmet food as the School Grown RoofTop Education Centre was officially launched.

    Originally built in 1963, Eastdale CI was designed to include a load-bearing roof to support a classroom and large outdoor recreational space–a space originally used as a tennis court. The space was relatively unused until this summer when 10 TDSB students were brought together to help build growing containers and to grow produce on the rooftop space. As result of a partnership between Eastdale, the TDSB, and FoodShare the roof is now filled with 280 planters and, because of the hard work of the summer students, is bursting with vegetables, rows of fruit trees, and edible mushrooms. Produce grown on the rooftop this summer and fall has been sold around the city: at restaurants, George Brown College, and the East Lynn Farmers Market.

    The School Grown RoofTop project is a partnership between Eastdale CI, the TDSB, and FoodShare Toronto. It is Toronto’s first school rooftop education centre and is the largest of its kind in Canada. The project will benefit students from Eastdale CI as well as students from around the city who visit the site on tours or as participants in FoodShare’s Field to Table School programming.

  • Smithfield Middle School Garden

    Smithfield Middle School Garden was started in 2012 by teacher Denise Oliver.

  • Sprucecourt Peace Garden

    Green Thumbs Growing Kids writes:

    The Sprucecourt Public School Peace Garden was an initiative begun in 2009 by Lead2Peace, a youth organization in Regent Park. In 2010, Green Thumbs Growing Kids partnered with Sprucecourt PS to develop the food-producing capacity of the garden. Since then, the garden has become an integral part of the school culture. This year, we’re running Garden Buddies programs, which match a Kindergarten class to an older grade, in this case Grade 7/8 Science students, for garden-based learning.


  • St. Brigid’s Peace Garden

    The Peace Garden was started in 2006.

  • St. Edmunds Public School Sack Gardens

    Sack Gardens was started in 2011.

  • St. Kateri Tekakwitha Garden of Plenty

    The Garden of Plenty was started in 2013.

  • St. Michael School

    2014 School Garden Day Participant. Students planted a Pizza and Soup Themed Garden, featuring herbs and vegetables that can be used for these delicious dishes!

  • St. Peter’s Curb-Side Garden

    The curb-side garden at St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary School was started in 2011.

  • Stratford Northwestern Open School Gardens

    Open School Gardens at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School was started in 2011.

  • Tawingo College Organic Garden

    Tawingo College’s Organic Garden was started in 2010.

  • Thistletown Collegiate Garden

    Thistletown CI’s Forever Farm was started in 2008 by PACT Grow To Learn and closely links food production, the school’s culinary program, and composting initiatives in a closed loop cycle.

  • Trinity College School Outdoor Classroom

    The TCS Outdoor Classroom garden was started in 2005.

  • Valley Central School

    Students participated in School Garden Day 2014 by transplanting seedlings that were started in the school as well as potatoes and other root crops.

  • Vaughan Secondary School Garden

    The students in Vaughan Secondary School’s Special Needs class started a school garden in 2011 by planting 250 yellow tulips.  Since then, they have added many perennials and highlight their garden with geraniums, which they plant, dig up in the fall, make new cuttings in the winter, and replant in the spring.  In the Fall of 2013, they began preparation for a Butterfly garden which is their big project for the year.  The students also work with the Eco club who do composting for the garden by feeding and watering worms kept in the classroom.

  • West Humber Collegiate Garden

    West Humber CI Garden was started in 2009 with teacher Lindsey de Breyne and PACT Grow To Learn.

  • Westdale Garden Club

    The Westdale Garden Club was started in 2010.

  • Winchester School Garden

    Green Thumbs Growing Kids’ longest-running school food garden is at Winchester Public School. Started in 2001, it’s an unusually large school garden and for this reason has become a destination for many visiting school groups, workshops, and presentations, as well as a food-producing garden feeding the 400 kindergarten to Grade 8 students.

    Students plant and harvest both formally as part of class time with specific curriculum objectives, and informally through the Garden Club, which operates one day per week throughout the school year during lunch recess. Vegetables and fruits go into the hot lunch program at the school and the food waste goes back into the outdoor compost bins.

    Summer programs in the school garden are also offered to local camps and day cares, and families through evening garden drop-ins. Youth are hired and trained to garden, design, and implement programs. This keeps the garden maintained and the produce flowing to local families in need throughout summer.

  • Windsor/Essex Community Garden Collective

    The Windsor/Essex Community Garden Collective are actively and continuously involved engaging schools about gardens. You can find out more and locate specific school and community gardens in the area by visiting their website: www.wegarden.ca

  • Yorkhill Elementary School Butterfly Garden

    Students at Yorkhill Elementary are involved in creating and maintaining a butterfly garden on school grounds.