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Gardens provide dynamic settings where educators can integrate a range of disciplines from health and nutrition, to science, math, and art. School gardens nurture community spirit, biodiversity, common purpose, and cultural appreciation by building bridges between students, school staff, families, and all people who support local food systems including growers, producers, distributers, local businesses, and organizations.

By encouraging, supporting, and championing a garden in every school, we create opportunities for children and youth to learn about ecosystems, experience healthy active living, practice life skills, and discover the benefits of fresh food.


The mission of the Imagine a Garden in Every School Campaign is to link a groundswell of groups across Ontario working to connect children and youth to healthy living and the natural environment.

The Imagine a Garden in Every School (IGES) Campaign will:

Encourage emergent and existing school garden projects by sharing resources, ideas, and information that will make it easier for people to start and maintain school gardens.

Support school gardens by providing a centralized hub through which campaign members can share and learn from each other. The campaign will maintain a variety of communications platforms including an online interactive story map, links to funding opportunities, regionally targeted tool-kits, and information about best practices, webinars, and workshops.

Champion by empowering school garden projects to be more active in policy change. The campaign will seek change at the grass roots, municipal, board, regional, and provincial levels.

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The Imagine a Garden In Every School Campaign is generously supported by The Heart and Stroke Foundation and TPH The Printing House.

The campaign is housed at Green Thumbs Growing Kids, and was founded through a collaboration of Green Thumbs Growing Kids, Foodshare and Sustain Ontario.