2017 School Garden Celebration Week

School Gardens are sprouting up all over Ontario! Contact us to add your school garden to the map for 2017’s School Garden Celebration Week, and join our mailing list to stay up to date with IGES’ school garden news and events! Then, send us an update of your School Garden Day activities for our blog! (Activities can take place anytime close to School Garden Celebration Week.) All participants get a certificate!

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  • Blake Street Public School

    Blake Street Public School has had a school food garden since 2011. Students have the chance to work in and explore the garden with the School Garden Educator who works with classes and Garden Club one day a week throughout the school year. On the Wednesday of School Garden Week, we plan on planting some kale and broccoli seedlings, and planting some seeds for the Three Sisters Garden. Every year we try to plant a few new types of plants – this year we’re trying quinoa and red stemmed celery.

  • Dallington Public School

  • Dallington Public School

    Our goal is to teach community the importance of food systems, growing food locally and sustainably, land and water stewardship and conservation of resources. Each year we invite local residents and neighbouring schools to help us achieve our goals.

  • EI McCulley Public School

  • Erin District High School

  • Fitzroy Harbour Public School

    Our kindergarten classes are preparing to plant a “heart garden” to commemorate the children & families affected by the residential schools in Canada. As part of this process we have been learning about the ancestral land of the Anishnabe, Algonquin people, and indigenous culture throughout Canada. Our first step was to plant seeds indoor which the children have been tending to, next step will be to “clear the land” outside our window, then we will begin the planting.

  • Five Mile Public School

  • Five Mile Public School

    I am a parent volunteer at Five Mile Public School in Thunder Bay. This year for School Garden Week we are prepping our three raised beds for carrots, potatoes, onions and flowers. As Northerners we have to wait until June to put our plants outdoors but are using the weeks leading up to then for weeding, plotting and beginning flower seeds indoors. We’ll send some pictures of our activities! Thanks for your amazing programs and support!

  • Frankland Community School

  • Grand View Public School

  • Grandview Public School

    We are planning a gardening day on Friday, May 19th! We will be weeding, mulching, planting, and hopefully putting in a few more fruit trees. Some classes are planning to have lunch in our garden together. Flowers will be planted in the centre garden in our country’s colours to celebrate Canada’s 150th.

  • Hillfield Strathalan College

    Our middle school gardens have grown in popularity this spring. We started 11 months ago and it’s sprouting new interest in composting, planting, trellising, and artistic signage. It’s an exciting addition to our outdoor learning space and we’ve got the attention of staff and parents. We have four raised beds and nearly 200 square feet – and there is demand for more!

  • Hillside School

    We are planning some gardening activities at Hillside School, Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, during the week of May23-26, as follows:
    Grade SK: Children have already painted 7 large pots. Children will fill these with soil, plant the pots with small flowers and also plant some vegetable seeds in between the flowers(beans, kale, cherry tomatoes)  These pots will be placed on the tarmac arec outside the SK door where children will enjoy the flowers / plants as they play in the school yard. Children will water these pots on a regular basis. Children will observe the plants as they grow, record by drawing and writing, pick and consume the veggies as they grow.
    Grade 2: Children will paint 10 wooden plant boxes, which were previously constructed by the Grade Fours. When the boxes are dry, children will fill them with triple mix soil and plant them up with small flowers. To do the planting they will measure the boxes and determine how to space the plants and create an AB or ABC pattern of plants. These Grade Twos will be in charge of watering their boxes daily. Boxes will be placed on outdoor window sills at the front of the school, for ALL to view and enjoy. as a follow up to their planting, children will do procedural writing.

  • Humewood Community School

    Planted a pollinator garden in partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation Butterfly Ranger program.

    Web site

  • Kimberley Junior

    At Kimberley Junior we just started a garden this spring with Kids’ Growing City’s programming for our grade 3 students. Kids are having tons of fun and learning a lot from the curriculum.
    Our Beets, Lettuce, Kale, carrots, arugula, parsley and coriander are growing nicely in the garden and our Tomatoes, Sunflowers, Cucumbers, Marigolds and more are growing strongly indoors!

  • Lakeview Montessori School

    Expanding gardens and making new plans for future.

    Web Site

  • Lambton Park Community School

    We are planting an Indigenous Healing Garden (inside, container garden) to learn about Indigenous ways of knowing, ways of life/worldviews and connection to the land. We have a member of our local Indigenous community joining us to share her teachings about Indigenous plants/medicines and plant our garden in a good way. We are connecting via technology with a Mohawk Knowledge Keeper who will share teachings about Mohawk customs, i.e., singing to the seeds, Zaagibagaa-giizis (Budding Moon). We are also planting an indoor grass beading garden to promote and support peace/creativity/well-being (people can create glass beaded designs on the grass stalks). We will be sharing the plants from our Healing Garden with the community, as is the Indigenous custom.

    Any assistance you are able to provide to cover the cost of the plants would be greatly appreciated. We will be posting the collaborative start to our Healing Garden, initially and ongoing through Twitter and our school/community  newsletters.

  • Lampton Park Community School

  • Lincoln Centennial Public School

  • Lord Roberts French Immersion School

    The 21st Annual Gathering in the Garden at Lord Roberts French Immersion School in London, Ontario is Friday, May 26, 2017.
    This celebration of the Earth – through workshops in art, environmental issues, indigenous culture, gardening, and more – is a fun exploration that invites the community to share their knowledge and skills with our children. Each student participates in two interactive workshops held on the schoolyard.
    The event opens with a student performance of a traditional maypole dance. Students, staff, parents and more than 35 workshop presenters look forward to this annual event.

  • Marysville Public School

    Partnership with the Wolfe Island Community Garden, MPS students have grown vegetables that are used for the weekly hot lunch program (by the MPS Parent Council). This School Garden project will expand in this year to build a bigger edible garden at the back of the Wolfe Island Community Medical Clinic.

  • Millbrook South Cavan Public School

  • Oak Ridges Public School

  • Oak Ridges Public School

    We are just building our edible garden and are excited to be connected to other gardeners!

  • Phoenix Daycare

    Garden was started in 2014 in partnership with Phoenix Daycare.
    Leila Mireskandari from Kids’ Growing City has been teaching kids how to grow food in this garden since then every year!
    100s of kids have been learning how to grow food @ Seneca Hill so far!
    Kids Growing City is now training teachers at our school to bring the program inhouse next year.

  • Rick Hansen P.S.

  • Rose Ave School

    A day of garden planning in the shade!

  • Saint Christopher Catholic Elementary School

  • St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School

    St. Brigid CES has been very focused on our gardens for the last 5 years.
    We have not only redesigned and revitalized our front school gardens, but, we have expanded them and built an outdoor classroom that will include a butterfly garden this year.  We are also updating our Peace garden this year by incorporating all white and red perennials to create a Canada 150 garden!  Lastly, a small ‘bee’ garden will be planted by the kindergarten classes to create a safe home for our local bee population!  Our garden club is populated by about 50 grade 4-6 students and they are in charge of all aspects of our gardens, including our new vegetable garden that we started last year with the help of our local senior citizens.

  • St. Michael’s Elementary School

  • Walden Day Care

  • Walden Day Care

    We love to garden, have boxed gardens that our school aged children tend to in summer and flower beds that the preschoolers plant.
    We also have a tower garden in our dining room so we can ‘garden’ year round!!

  • Wesley Christian Academy

    We are fundraising $150 as a class to help support and protect nature, which is one of Canada’s national treasures.  Part of the money raised will be donated to World Wildlife Fund and the rest will be used to create our school’s milkweed garden to create healthy habitat for butterflies.