School Garden Day Highlights – PART 2!

Welcome to the beautiful aftermath of School Garden Day, PART 2! There was just so much hard work it couldn’t be fit into a single post, or two for that matter, but I did my best.pics1

The work of students at Nellie McClung Public School, Maple, ON. They planted flowers around all their trees, made beautiful planters for main doorways and put a plant in every classroom. A huge school wide effort! Photos Provided by Doris Behar.

pics3Students at Vaughan Secondary School. Photo Supplied by Judie Pezzatta.

“For the past four years, the students and staff of the Special Education Department at Vaughan Secondary School have been maintaining an outdoor flower garden. We started with the planting of 270 yellow tulips and it has now grown to include daffodils, lilies, irises, columbine, forget me nots, geraniums and more. In the fall, we dig up our geraniums and in January of the next year, cut them back to grow many new babies.

This year, we have also started a Butterfly garden in a new area with hopes of attracting Monarch Butterflies. In early April, we started some cosmos, morning glories, nasturtiums, zinnias and marigolds from seed and on Garden Day, May 23rd, transplanted them all into our butterfly garden along with some coleus and geraniums.

Last fall, we also planted some milkweed seeds with the hope of attracting monarch butterflies to this garden […]. Our students take great pride in planting, watering and watching our flowers grow. We have no problem in getting a little dirt under our nails when we know it means watching a beautiful flower grow!”

– Judie Pezzetta of Vaughan Secondary School, Thornhill.

Giselle1Giselle3Students at Pine Grove Public School (Vaughan) planted milkweed, flowers, herbs and native plants for School Garden Day. Photos provided by Gisella Avse.

pics2Students at Dr.Roberta Bondar Public School. Photo supplied by Christina Tino.

“While our garden this year is small, I consider our first step towards putting a focus on outdoor education to be a huge success. While many students are aware that protecting our environment is important, many have not had the opportunity to experience first-hand how they are able to contribute to this worthwhile cause. Our school’s garden is one of many initiatives we hope to take on, in order to give students a better understanding of the world around them.

As the multiple exceptionalities teacher at Dr.Roberta Bondar Public School, I took Garden in Every School Day as an opportunity to provide my students with a hands on learning experience, as well as a means of providing meaningful integration in to our school community. On the first day of Spring, we planted perennial seeds, that once established, could be put into the garden. On the day of the event, my class worked with members of our grade eight leadership team to put their plants into the garden, as well as other plants that had been donated by the school community. There are also classes raising caterpillars that will be released into the garden once they have transformed into butterflies.

Since the event, students and parents can already be heard monitoring the progress of the garden and commenting on how hard the students worked to make it look the way it does. Our hope is that more students will want to get outdoors and become more active participants in our ‘greening’ project. Outdoor education is a wonderful way of raising happy, healthy children.”

– Christina Tino of Dr.Roberta Bondar Public School.

Thanks again everyone for your hard work! For tips to maintain your garden for the rest of the season, check out our resource page.